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A Clean Alternative to Cremated Remains

What Are Solidified Remains?

Solidified remains are a complete alternative to cremated remains that allow you to live comfortably with your departed. The solidification process compresses conventional cremated remains into a beautiful collection of 40-60 “stones” that you can hold, share, scatter, and travel with. 

“It is a profound opportunity to live with the remains of our loved ones, but conventional cremated remains make that experience uncomfortable,” says Parting Stone founder and CEO Justin Crowe. “We developed an alternative to conventional cremated remains to help families feel a meaningful connection with their departed. When you choose cremation you no longer have to take home ashes.”

Our Partnership

Best Cremation Service and Parting Stone have partnered to offer every family we serve the ability to select solidified remains. You can select solidified remains whether you’re pre-planning or have an immediate need for just $1695

Parting Stone Promise:

  • Return-to-ash satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% individual batch processing
  • Step-by-step process tracking
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee

Our Trusted, Simple Process



Know exactly what you’ll get, for the price of cremation you see online.



No funeral home visit required, everything can be done remotely.



Receive the best value available, from a provider you can trust.

Everything You Need, Included For $1196.04

Your family deserves the best experience without the pressure. We will never upsell you on things you don’t need. We provide a truly affordable and dignified cremation.

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