Unique Ideas For Spreading Your Loved One’s Ashes

Unique Ideas For Spreading Your Loved One’s Ashes

Unique Ideas For Spreading Your Loved One’s Ashes 540 360 Kimberly

Deciding where to spread your loved one’s ashes can be a difficult decision. But, the good news is there is no rush to make a choice right away. In fact, you can decide to do several different things! We’ve compiled a list of ideas to get you started.

An Urn Somewhere Close to You: The more traditional route of keeping an urn with your loved one’s ashes in your home is often the most favorable option. You could even choose to do this for a period of time and then choose to do something different later. Or, do both.

Ash Scattering Ceremony: A ceremony to remember your loved one is a great way to include friends and family. For anyone you believe would appreciate the gesture, you can offer a small amount of ashes they could spread while saying something kind or sharing a memory. You can even mix in some wildflower seeds as you scatter them to create a beautiful garden of flowers to remember them by.  There are several different ways to scatter ashes; over water, in a ring around a special tree or object, raking into the ground or trenching. The way you decide to scatter your loved one’s ashes might depend on the location you choose, what type of things they were interested in, or what hobbies they had.

Take a Small Amount of Ashes With You: This is one of our favorites. Spreading your loved one’s ashes in multiple places is the perfect way to keep remembering them. Each time you go somewhere special, or a place where you have fond memories of your time together, take a small amount along with you. Even traveling around the world to spread ashes in new places is a great way to continue your healing journey and share your experiences with your loved one. When choosing potential locations, however, you should consider any laws that exist for each location. If permission is required, we recommend obtaining a scattering permit or written permission from the landowner. If you own the land, you generally don’t need any permission or documentation.

Biodegradable Urns: This option is a great way to preserve the planet while still honoring your loved one, especially if climate change was important to them. Here is a link for some great options to consider.

Living Urns: This is a beautiful way to have a part of your loved one close to you. With many different indoor or outdoor options, you can choose between a variety of flowers, trees or plants. You may even consider the option of placing these living urns in a Memory Forest, a designated forest where trees are planted with cremated remains to create a beautiful memorial. A great way to give back to the planet, while having a more traditional feel of a set place to visit your loved one.

Jewelry and Keepsakes: Keeping a piece of your loved one close to your heart with a necklace or at your fingertips with a ring can be the perfect way to feel close to them. There are many options for different styles of jewelry, along with several types of keepsakes.

Send a Written Goodbye Message: Friends and family could write a message on special, Earth-friendly paper to be included along with their ashes to turn into plants or flowers over time.

A Memorial Spaceflight: There really are no limits when it comes to ideas! If your loved one was the adventurous type, Celestis can take your loved one’s ashes to space and back. There are different experiences ranging from orbiting Earth to landing on the moon. You can even track the mission’s progress with live satellite tracking.

A Few Final Options to Consider: The possibilities to remember your loved one are almost endless. Whether your loved one’s ashes are pressed into a vinyl record to play their favorite songs, made into an artificial reef to protect marine life, scattered in one or many places around the world, released with doves or butterflies in memory of them, or even incorporated into fireworks for a memorial fireworks display — your choice can be as unique as the person you’re memorializing.

Finding the right choice for your family might take a little time and consideration. Take plenty of time to think through the different options. As you do your research, we’d be happy to help talk through more ideas and suggestions. Send us an email or give us a call at 513-991-1369.