Tips on Writing an Obituary

Tips on Writing an Obituary

Tips on Writing an Obituary 2560 2048 Kimberly

Writing an obituary isn’t something you typically have a lot of experience with. So it can seem like a daunting task when you want to be sure you’re honoring your loved one in a way that captures their memory.  We’ve put together some tips on how to get started and what to include so you can write an obituary you’ll be proud of. 

When starting out, it’s a good idea to look at other obituaries online or in your local paper to see how others have done them. Seeing these may give you an idea of what is typically included, but the basic layout should include: 

  • Their name and age
  • City they were living in
  • Where they were born
  • Cause of death (this is optional and a personal decision that can be made by the family) 
  • Their profession
  • Education 
  • Any volunteer work they were involved in
  • Hobbies
  • Remaining close relatives
  • Where the funeral or memorial service will be held and when
  • Where donations should be made to

In addition to these, you can add things about what made them the person they were. What were they passionate about or what things brought them the most joy in life? What are words others used to describe them? Did they achieve a great accomplishment in life that should be highlighted? You should reach out to close friends and relatives for any ideas they may have as well.

You can choose to have the tone be a bit fun and humorous if you have a funny memory or story to share. Or, you may want it to be more serious if that style suits them better. Whatever you decide, your words and effort will be a nice way to honor and remember your loved one.