Reasons to Choose a Simple Cremation

Reasons to Choose a Simple Cremation

Reasons to Choose a Simple Cremation 2560 1707 Kimberly

One thing that has to be decided eventually is whether to be buried or cremated. Choosing which one is right for you or your loved one can be a hard choice to make. If you don’t choose for yourself before you pass, someone close to you will have to make that decision for you after you pass. Many people choose the more familiar option of burial when faced with a decision that feels like it needs to be made quickly. We’ve put together a list of things to consider that may help you decide that a simpler and more affordable option is best.

More Affordable

When people are faced with the decision of what to do when someone passes, or when choosing to pre-plan for themselves, cost is often the first thing to be factored in. A simple cremation is a good choice for families who wish to save money by reducing pricey funeral and burial services.  According to a article, you can save between $8,000 and $24,000 by selecting a simple cremation over a traditional funeral and burial.


With a direct cremation, there are less decisions to be made. During a stressful time like this, it can be helpful to have fewer details to manage. With no casket or headstone to choose, what clothing or jewelry you’d like to be buried with, or which cemetery to be buried in, it can lessen the burden a little bit. 

Lasting Memories

With cremation, there are many options when deciding what to do with the ashes. Your loved ones can choose to have one or more pieces of jewelry made, memorial stones that can be shared, an urn to hold the ashes, or scatter ashes in places that are meaningful to them. 

Take Time to Plan a Service

With a direct cremation, there is no need to decide on a Celebration of Life or Memorial Service right away. You can take time to plan and choose a time and place that works best for family and friends. The cremation can happen right away, but the service can be delayed to when it is best for others. 

Online Arrangements

Using our online quoting tool, you can make arrangements right from your computer. The same goes for pre-planning as well, if you’d like to get started on that to ensure your family doesn’t have to worry about the financial aspect or making decisions for you. 

Whether you’re making the decision to pre-plan your own arrangements, or making a choice for a friend or family member who has passed, choosing a simple cremation has many advantages. We can walk you through the details and are standing by to ensure your wishes are carried out. You can give us a call at 513-790-2218 or email us at Or, use our online quoting service to make arrangements from the comfort of your home.