Feeling Great Through the Holidays

Feeling Great Through the Holidays

Feeling Great Through the Holidays 2560 1768 Kimberly

Overindulging during the holidays is quite easy to do. But, just being mindful going into that dinner or family gathering can help make sure that doesn’t happen. You’ll spend your holidays guilt-free and with more energy! 

Try to stand more throughout the day. We often find ourselves sitting around quite a bit during the holidays, but standing around while chatting can actually make a big difference. Standing instead of sitting can more than double the calories you burn in just one hour!

Drink more water and watch your alcohol intake. Substitute a glass of water in between a festive beverage to ensure you’re staying hydrated and taking in fewer calories for the day. Drinking more than you’d planned while getting caught up with friends and family is an easy thing to do. 

Control your portion sizes. Instead of having a heaping scoop of that sweet potato casserole or macaroni and cheese, have a smaller portion to start. You can always go back to get more of something you loved later, but you are more inclined to finish what’s on your plate as a guest in someone’s home or when you’re eating foods that someone else has prepared.

Encourage a post dinner walk. Try to get those around you to head out for a brisk walk after eating a big holiday meal. Burning off a few of those calories after dinner and getting your circulation going can increase energy and remind you to think twice before having another dessert!

Being mindful and making better choices throughout the holidays can only help you on your way to small changes that will make a big impact. Paying attention to portion sizes, alcohol intake, and how much you’re moving are the first steps to making healthier choices. These little things will go a long way in helping you maximize your health and maintaining healthy habits well into the New Year.