Common Misconceptions about Cremation

Common Misconceptions about Cremation

Common Misconceptions about Cremation 360 465 Kimberly

Because cremation can sometimes be an unfamiliar option, many people make assumptions based on conversations they’ve had or things they’ve read. Unfortunately, some of that information may be misguided. We’ve put together a list of common misconceptions for you in order to debunk a few of the cremation myths.

I won’t be able to say goodbye or have a memorial. Cremation can often provide even more options for families to celebrate the life of a loved one exactly the way they would like. More families are choosing to celebrate life at their church, home, or even in nature at a beach or meaningful location.

My religion does not accept or believe in cremation. All religions are different, and while cremation was frowned upon in many religions in the past, many have changed their position over time and now accept it. Be sure to research this depending on the religion you practice as the guidance may have changed.

It is illegal to scatter ashes. While there are some limitations to where you can scatter ashes, you can check with local agencies to see if a particular space has any restrictions. If permission is required at all, many places only require written permission from the land owner or a scattering permit. If you own the land yourself, you generally don’t need any permission or documentation.

It is important to do your own research from reputable sources and come to your own conclusions about how you feel about what is best for you or your family member when making these difficult decisions. We’re always here to help with that process. We promise to never pressure anyone, but instead to give honest answers to your questions to help you find the best solution for you or your loved one. Start making that list of questions and reach out via phone at 513-991-1369 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help. It’s that simple!