What Everyone Should Know About Pre-Planning

What Everyone Should Know About Pre-Planning

What Everyone Should Know About Pre-Planning 2560 1707 Kimberly

Pre-planning your final arrangements can be a great way to help your loved ones through a difficult time and make sure your final wishes are carried out. During those first few days after someone passes, it can be difficult to process and take action on the number of things that need to be done. The last thing anyone wants to do while grieving is sit in a funeral home talking to someone about what their loved one might have wanted, especially if they aren’t sure.

We find that many people haven’t discussed their final arrangements with their families. This can leave them with a difficult decision and an unexpected expense during an emotional time. Debating what they may have wanted can be quite stressful when more than one family member has a different opinion.  By planning your own arrangements, however, your family can have peace of mind knowing the arrangements you decided on are just what you wanted.

We’ve put together a basic checklist for what you need to do to make this happen. 

First: Make Arrangements (No Need to Leave Home)
  • Think about what you want and what you want your loved ones to remember when the time comes.
  • Chat with one of our team members who can walk you through the process and explain the options available to you. 
  • You’ll be able to make arrangements all from your phone or computer.
  • Choose which payment plan is best for you. Usually, you can pay over several years if you want while still guaranteeing today’s prices.
  • You’ll fill out some basic information and answer a few questions. All of the documentation will be emailed to you to sign electronically.
  • You’ll receive digital and hard copies a little later. It’s that simple! The insurance company will take care of everything when the time comes.
Next: Inform Key Family and Friends.
  • Tell them where to find your important documents.
  • If you’ve chosen cremation, include what you’d like to have happen with your ashes. There are several choices, and some people even choose multiple options.
Last: Decide on a Memorial Service
  • Do you imagine having something private and more intimate? Or something larger and more traditional? While we don’t offer services, someone from our team will be happy to talk through the different options available and guide you to the right place for help with planning that.  

We’re always here to help answer questions you might have or to talk through things that will help guide you down the right path. You can learn more on our Plan Ahead page. Or, give us a call at 513-991-1369 or email us at support@bestcremationservice.com.  At Best Cremation Service we promise high-quality service and transparent pricing up front, arranged alongside our concierge team.