Planning a Memorial During the Holidays

Planning a Memorial During the Holidays

Planning a Memorial During the Holidays 2560 1707 Kimberly

Losing a loved one during the holidays can be especially difficult when traditions and memories are at the forefront. Having a memorial during the holidays can be a nice way to remember someone who has passed away. The service may also provide comfort to those who are struggling the most. You can read more about easing grief during the holidays, but here are a few ideas for making a memorial special during the holiday season.

Create a memorial sand jar together. Provide different colors of sand in bowls and have everyone take turns scooping sand and pouring it into each of the jars.  Friends and family will enjoy making a beautiful creation together. When looking at the jar, they’ll recall the special moment of everyone coming together to remember the person who’s passed. 

Scatter ashes together. Bringing everyone together in one place can give more people an opportunity to be part of scattering the ashes.  They’ll appreciate the chance to say something they remember about the person who’s passed. Anyone who may not feel comfortable scattering the ashes can still be a part of this memorial just by joining. 

Volunteer as a group for an organization they loved. What better way to come together in someone’s memory than to do something good for the community or a service project they were passionate about? Working together can take some of the pressure off and can be a little easier to cope with. Service projects can help ease the heavy feelings of grief, and may will likely benefit the community as a whole. 

Create a memory capsule. Have everyone come together and write down their fondest memories of the person who passed away. Put these written memories into a jar or box to be opened by the family when they’re feeling sad or need to hear stories about their loved one. 

Have dinner together with some of their favorite dishes. Sharing a meal together is a nice way to gather and reminisce about the person being remembered. Make a list of some of their favorite foods and have people sign up to bring something from the list. 

A memorial isn’t something that will ever be easy. But, by trying a few unique ideas, it can make the event feel less formal and more like a shared experience. Moving away from traditional services is something we are seeing more often. These types of gatherings are sometimes a little easier on the people who are grieving the most by being less ceremonial and much more easygoing and lighthearted.