7 Tips to Slow the Aging Process

7 Tips to Slow the Aging Process

7 Tips to Slow the Aging Process 2560 1707 Kimberly

You may not realize it, but there are ways to slow down our body’s natural aging process. By working towards these small changes, you’ll feel better, have a better quality of life and even look more refreshed. Aside from the obvious things, including staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, exercising, reducing alcohol intake, not smoking and eating healthy, you can do other things to keep your body at its best. Read on for a list of things to try!

  • Remove saturated fat from your diet. We know these aren’t good for us, so why not replace them with healthy fats like the ones found in fish, nuts and vegetables. Omega-3 fats help keep free radicals from damaging your cells. 
  • Be social. Loneliness can cause health issues at any age. Keep a good network of friends and acquaintances so you feel you have support and friendship surrounding you. Stay connected – you’re never too old to make a new friend!
  • Stay active. By staying active and keeping your brain and body moving, you won’t find yourself slowing down as quickly. Go on a vacation, volunteer at a local charity, find a part time job doing something you enjoy. We need to keep busy for as long as we’re able. 
  • Speak to your doctor about any supplements you may benefit from. As we age, we naturally make less of certain things leaving our bodies depleted of what it needs. 
  • Floss your teeth. Surprisingly, this one little thing can go a long way. Bacteria in our mouths can get into the bloodstream and cause problems throughout the body leading to some diseases associated with aging.
  • Stretch your brain. Find things you like to do that also challenge your mind. Learn a new language, play a strategy game with friends, read a book, explore a new city. Anything that takes you out of your ordinary daily routines. 
  • And last but not least, stay positive. Numerous studies have been conducted on the importance of keeping a positive mindset and glass half full kind of attitude as we age.

Each and every one of these things are small changes you can make to increase your quality of life. If you read a list of things to do to speed up the aging process, would you strive to do them? Likely not. But chances are you are already doing some things that could be hurting you in the long run. Give these a try and start to make them a part of your daily and weekly routines. You’ll start to feel better before you know it! 



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