What is the Difference Between Direct Cremation and Traditional Cremation?

What is the Difference Between Direct Cremation and Traditional Cremation?

What is the Difference Between Direct Cremation and Traditional Cremation? 2560 1708 Kimberly

“What are the differences between the types of cremation offered and how do I know which to choose?”  It’s one of more commonly asked questions we’re asked to explain. To help bring awareness to cremation services, let’s look at potential options in more detail. 

Direct cremation is one type of cremation that simply means there are fewer extra steps taken before the cremation takes place. It is generally priced much lower than a traditional cremation since there is no embalming or casket costs for the memorial service or viewing before the cremation takes place. A traditional cremation typically includes a service for family and friends before the cremation takes place. This would require embalming, a casket for the viewing, the funeral home’s space and services before the cremation. 

There are pros and cons to both a traditional and a direct cremation. Making this choice can be a very personal decision. The benefits of direct cremation are lower total cost, simpler process with fewer decisions, having ashes to share with family or make into jewelry or stones, ability to take time deciding when and where to have a memorial service are a few. With a traditional funeral service and then cremation or burial, the pros are having a place to visit for local family and friends and familiarity of a traditional funeral. Some cons are a much higher cost, the emotionally draining aspect for family, only one place to visit that could be far away for some family members, and more decisions to be made. We’ve outlined these in more detail here

Direct cremation is becoming more and more popular each year. This is likely because of the simplicity and more affordable cost that comes along with it. Many people are choosing to wait for a memorial service at a later date where more family and friends can attend and in a place they choose, such as a park, beach or in a family member’s home instead of having a service right away and at a funeral home. Another benefit is being able to share the ashes amongst family and taking time to decide what to do with them. Some are having jewelry or keepsakes made from the ashes or even a new trend of having these stones made that can be shared. 

Direct cremation is the simplest way to navigate the end-of-life process and allows families to arrange a cremation that takes place day after the passing without a viewing or memorial before. We’re always standing by to help you talk through any decisions to be made or answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 513-991-1369 or email us at support@finalconsiderations.com. At Final Considerations we promise high quality service and transparent pricing up front, arranged alongside our concierge team.