Why Should I Have a Will?

Why Should I Have a Will?

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We all know it is important to have a will in place, but yet so many Americans don’t have one. It is just one of those things that we feel we’ll get around to in the near future, or later on in life when it is needed. People delay writing their will for many different reasons; simply procrastinating it because of the sheer effort, the cost of it or even just not wanting to think about it because it seems hard to talk about end of life matters. Whatever the reasoning behind the delay, the importance of having a will is greater than any discomfort or lack of time you may have. 

Without a will in place, the state may be the one to decide how your assets are handled. This can be hard on family when the time comes and may cause things to move slower than they should.  When you have a will and an executor named, the executor will be sure your final wishes are carried out and the beneficiaries you choose receive what you’ve selected for them. This will create a safe net around your assets and also decrease any conflict between family members because the details are clearly explained. You can also avoid any legal challenges your family may endure. If you don’t have a will, your estate and assets may have to be discussed in a probate court to decide what happens. 

Once you’ve decided who your trusted executor will be, you can share with them where they can find your will and let them know of any plans you’d like carried out after you pass. You’ll then be asked to think through who you’d like to have as beneficiaries and which assets you’d like to give them. 

Having all of this in place will make you feel much more comfortable and at ease knowing if something were to happen all of your affairs are in order. Knowing your family won’t have the burden of deciding what to do or wonder what you would have wanted will give you peace of mind. 


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