What Is a Death Cafe?

What Is a Death Cafe?

What Is a Death Cafe? 2560 1767 Kimberly

Even though the name may sound strange, a Death Cafe isn’t really anything odd. A group of people come together to discuss death, while usually having tea and cake. Okay, maybe the fact that the food choices are so specific is odd, but the topic of conversation shouldn’t be! 

In the US, we have turned speaking about death into something a bit taboo. Not wanting to upset anyone, bring the conversation down or seem morbid are some of the reasons, but it’s most likely because we don’t talk about it enough to normalize it. That is exactly the purpose of a Death Cafe. 

According to the deathcafe.com website, a group discussion like this can be held by anyone. All you need is a venue, host, facilitator, light refreshments (preferably tea and cake), and people who want to talk about and normalize death. There is no set agenda, objectives or themes, and is meant to be a discussion group instead of a support group. Anyone can host a Death Cafe and the discussion should be lighthearted and easy. The website also has information on how to hold your own cafe or what to expect when attending one. 

Talking about death and opening our minds to conversations about it can help us prepare for the inevitable. We all know this is going to happen, so why don’t we talk about it? Once the subject is out there it won’t seem as daunting to think through your own preferences when the time comes. It’s important to discuss what you’d prefer with your family or friends to be sure they know. We can walk you through the simple process so you have peace of mind knowing your family has fewer decisions to make. If you’re curious how the three-step process works, we’ve outlined that here. Or, you can visit our website to learn more. We’re always standing by to answer any questions. Call us at 513-991-1369, email us at support@finalconsiderations.com or use our online contact form.